2nd Story Foyer Window

Sep 18, 2017

Bobbi S. – Anderson, OH

Bobbi came to us with the need to cover her 2nd story foyer window in her new home.

Exciting Windows! by Apollo’s Solutions:

Bobbi was most concerned with privacy as well as light control. She expressed how she worried about her hardwood floors because they received direct sunlight from this window. Bobbi also wanted to keep a similar look from outside her home to the other shades she already had up.

After discussing her needs for this window, we agreed that the Hunter Douglas Applause® honeycomb PowerView® shade was the perfect solution for her window. It address all of her needs as well as her budget.

Motorized Shade

Hard to reach windows:

This 2nd story foyer window project is a great example of how to address those hard to reach windows. Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization allows you to easily operate and control the window treatment on those hard to reach windows. Check out the video to see how easy it is to operate the 2nd story foyer shade for this project.