6 Quick DIY Holiday Home Décor Projects

As we enter the holiday season, getting your home holiday ready can be a fun project. There’s something special and nostalgic about holiday home décor, especially when it’s DIY. Whether you have an hour or ten hours to devote to holiday projects, we know you’ll enjoy at least a few of these quick projects.

From simple and fresh greenery to pulling out your sewing machine here are 6 holiday décor projects:

6 Quick DIY Holiday Home Décor Projects

#1: A Real or Faux Evergreen Wreath

A green wreath is one of the most classic winter holiday décor items. Whether you pick up faux greens from your local art store of fresh greens from the nursery, a wreath is a simple DIY project.

Many choose a ready-made base to make this project easier. Others choose to tie each green together in the shape of a circle for a more rustic look. You can add a red bow for a classic look, or unique trinkets for a modern upgrade. With a DIY wreath the possibilities are endless.

6 Quick DIY Holiday Home Décor Projects

#2: Unique Centerpieces and Side Table Décor 

Creating a simple but elegant centerpiece for your dining room table can be done in just a few minutes. Many find candles, evergreens, bows, and glass jars make for classic holiday style. 

If you want to enhance the holiday feel in your home, don’t stop with just your dining room table. Smaller versions of your dining room centerpiece make great side or coffee table décor. With similar designs, the full size and miniature versions tie different rooms together with the same nostalgic holiday feel. 

With centerpieces, you can create a nostalgic look with just a few candles and some greens. If you’re wanting to upgrade to a fancier style, you can add silver or gold candle holders. Whether you’re looking for a simple or elegant style, centerpieces are an easy holiday project. 

#3: Upgrade Your Mantel and Archways

If you have a mantel or archways in your home, simple holiday décor can brighten up your home. If you like a clean and minimalist look, simply add some real or faux evergreens to these spaces. 

If you’re looking for a more engaging holiday look, in addition to evergreens you could add:

  • Bells or ornaments
  • Holiday displays such as mini villages, a nativity scene, etc.
  • Candles or lights
  • Bows and other fabric décor 

There’s really no end to the possible items and materials you can use to decorate your mantel or archways. Look at your typical décor and try to match the style of the rest of your home. 

If you have modern furniture with clean angles, a minimalist approach might fit in nicely. If your home has classic wood accents and traditional style furniture, classic evergreens, candles, and red bows will likely be a nice fit. For homes with a lot of color and a variety of patterns, adding in trinkets and bright ornaments can add to the fun of your already unique home décor. 

6 Quick DIY Holiday Home Décor Projects

#4: Make Unique Holiday Pillows

Many homes already have multiple throw pillows. Rather than replacing pillows each holiday season you can simply create new pillow covers. If you have old holiday sweaters or fabric left from previous projects, you can easily repurpose these into unique pillow covers.

Perhaps you have a unique sweater from a late relative or your baby’s first holiday outfit. If you have some basic sewing skills, they can be repurposed into truly meaningful holiday décor. You can also go to a local fabric store and find a holiday pattern or color to match your existing home décor. 

6 Quick DIY Holiday Home Décor Projects

#5: Simple Wood Projects

There’s something nostalgic about using wood for holiday projects. Wood offers a natural and classic look which fits into nearly any home décor style. 

Many find woodworking to be enjoyable and a time to truly get creative. There are endless wood décor DIY projects. Some of our favorite quick ones include:

  • Wooden ornaments, carved or painted
  • Stocking holders
  • Holiday quilts displayed on a rustic ladder
  • Faux mantels
  • Tabletop carved figures
  • Wooden serving tray with a centerpiece
  • Wall hangings

Whether you want to spend five minutes or five hours on a wood project, the possibilities are truly endless. You can add a bit of classic holiday style to any home with simple wood projects.

#6: Holiday Wall Banner

If you enjoy paper crafting, working with leather, or working with a variety of fabrics, you might enjoy creating a wall banner. A great thing about a wall banner is you can make it say anything you desire. Whether a simple “happy holidays!” or a more personalized one with your family name, this easy project can brighten up your home. 

If you enjoy scrapbooking and other paper crafting, this is a great DIY project for you. If you’re looking for more of a creative challenge, working with leather and other fabrics can help you make a truly unique banner.

Whether you have only a few moments, or several hours, you can brighten up your home for the holidays with simple DIY projects. What are your favorite holiday projects?

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