6 Top Tips For Getting Windows Winter Ready

As we approach winter and the holidays, many families seek to create a cozy environment. In addition to creating an inviting home, many homeowners are conscious of utility bills. After all, many of us spend quite a bit during holiday shopping. 

When you choose the right window coverings for this season you can not only winterize your windows, but you can also create a cozy living space. You no longer have to choose between thick and wrinkling plastic for warmth, or beautiful drapes for style.

Here are our 6 top tips for getting windows winter ready:

6 Top Tips For Getting Windows Winter Ready

#1: Draperies Keep Winter Out

Drapes are a classic window covering available in elegant styles. Draperies are made with thicker, longer fabrics which are perfect for keeping cold out and warmth in. The insulation provided by draperies can help reduce your energy bills. 

With custom drapes you can find the right style to give your home an elegant upgrade while being prepared for the coming winter months. 

6 Top Tips For Getting Windows Winter Ready

#2: Roman Shades Are the Streamlined Version of Drapes

Like draperies, this is a classic style available in many fabrics and designs. With custom roman shades you have the option for an insulated style. The insulation keeps your home warm and reduces the amount of cool air that can get in.

Best of all, this classic window covering creates an elegant design without any bulky material. Draperies, curtains, etc. look beautiful in many settings. However, some homes benefit from less material making roman blinds an excellent choice, especially for smaller rooms. 

6 Top Tips For Getting Windows Winter Ready

#3: Cellular Shades Excel at Insulation

Cellular shades are a minimalist window covering that does a lot. They have a clean and modern look while offering excellent insulation. Our cellular shades are:

  • Resistant to fading and will maintain their crisp, neat pleats for years.
  • Designed to trap air in their distinct pockets, creating exceptional insulation and minimizing heat transfer.
  • Absorb up to 70% of sound energy, so they will help to create a quieter room wherever they are installed.
  • Customizable so you can choose from a large selection of colors, fabrics, textures, and hardware, to get cellular shades that are as unique as you are.

These shades offer a lot of insulation and endless design potential. Be sure to read Stunning Cellular Shades to learn more.

#4: Insulated Curtains Add a Layer of Thickness

Using insulated curtains gives you the weather and energy efficiency of draperies but with a different style. Draperies tend to be thicker and floor length. In some homes, thinner curtains or curtains that go just below the window are a better style match. 

With insulated curtains you can have a different style while maintaining the benefits of thicker draperies. Curtains come in a variety of fabrics and designs making it easy to find the right one to match the rest of your home décor.

A well-designed window covering can transform your home both aesthetically and energy efficient wise. 

#5: Motorized Blinds Do the Hard Work for You

Blinds have long been a popular choice for window coverings. While they’re a classic style, some find them to be more difficult to manage. With motorized blinds there’s no more adjusting strings and trying to make sure both sides are symmetric. 

Motorized blinds are perfect for high windows which are difficult to reach. Many of us value the privacy of window coverings but like the option of opening blinds for natural light. Motorized blinds make this possible no matter how hard it is to reach the window.

Motorized blinds make it possible to adjust their position even when you’re not home. During the winter months, you can still take advantage of natural sunlight to help warm your home. If you’re at work during the sunniest hours, you can program your motorized blinds to open. During the coolest parts of the day, you can program them to close to help keep the warmth in and the cool out. 

6 Top Tips For Getting Windows Winter Ready

#6: A Combination of Window Coverings

Depending on your style, home architecture, and local weather, a combination (known as “layering”) might be more energy efficient. Some homes combine blinds and shades with curtains or draperies. The combination adds more layers for insulation as well as more options for both privacy and light control.

If the weather is quite frigid in your area but the sunlight is great, having blinds and curtains provides more options. On sunny days, you can have both open, or just the curtains open with the blinds partially open. On frigid days, you can have both fully closed for extra insulation. Having a sheer under layer with a room darkening outer layer allows you both filtered sunlight and privacy during the day, and ultimate light control at night.

With a complimentary design session, we can help you choose the perfect window coverings for your home to keep your energy bills low while elevating your style!

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