Choosing a Houseplant to Suit your Lifestyle

Houseplants are extremely versatile additions to any room in your home. They bring a beautiful pop of color and greenery to a drab room, or accent already beautifully coordinated decor. However, houseplants can be daunting to care for. That lovely lush fern can turn into crunchy brown sadness even with attentive watering and pleading. Your dream African violet can become a mushy mess. Your lifestyle influences which houseplants are best suited for you. Let us help you find that perfect fauna for your favorite room!

Choose Plants that Fit your Lifestyle

Choosing a Houseplant to Suit your Lifestyle

Are you a forgetful person? Remembering to water a plant on a schedule can be a challenge, especially if you are balancing a lot of obligations in your life. While some plants adore moist soil at all times, others are far more forgiving if you forget about them for days, weeks, or a month. They even like drying out. Look into Snake Plants, palms (we love ponytail and sago palms), aloe, or jade. These beautiful houseplants won’t mind if you forget them for a little while. Some plants, like African violets, prefer water at the bottom of their soil. Reservoir pots simply need topped off occasionally to keep the plant inside happy.

If you’re a little more hands-on, wanting to have a plant to lavish with attention, we’ve got you covered. Plants like Venus Fly Traps love moisture, but also like a bit of specialized feeding and trimming to stay healthy. Bromeliads are vibrant and beautiful, and provide “baby” versions that need to be replanted to stay healthy. If you feel especially ambitious, a bonsai is for you. These plants have strict requirements regarding moisture, soil and light. Plus, you can prune your bonsai into incredible and attractive shapes to compliment your decor.

How much Sunlight?

Choosing a Houseplant to Suit your Lifestyle

Are you adding a plant into your home office where natural light is hard to get? Not all plants need a ton of sunlight, and some outright thrive in shadier spots. Prayer plants feature beautifully patterned foliage, while Lucky Bamboo can bring bright green stalks and long leaves (and maybe some good luck and fortune) to your desk space. The aforementioned ponytail palm and bromeliad also love low light and make for attractive accents to your dimmer rooms.

Conversely, many plants adore the sun. Hibiscus plants put on large and colorful flowers. String of Pearls is a succulent that makes little beaded strands for foliage and is a great conversation starter. While these plants may adore bright direct sunlight, keep in mind that they are as prone to sunburn as we can be. We’ve spoken before about how UV rays can harm decor and furniture, but they can harm your plants as well. Sheer drapes, or shades that feature a sheer panel (Like Silhouette® Window Shadings) can help protect your plants so they stay healthy and happy.

Don’t Forget your Bathroom

Choosing a Houseplant to Suit your Lifestyle

Many people don’t consider their bathrooms when they think of adding houseplants, especially if they live in a dry climate. Bathrooms offer an environment that is often high in humidity and warmth. Plants like ferns need a lot of moisture to stay healthy, and love a post-shower bathroom. Orchids are the bane of many plant-lover’s lives, but will reward you in a sunny bathroom window. Give them a little extra water during your morning routines, and they will lead long and happy lives.

We hope this has inspired you to add more greenery to your life. If you’d like to protect your houseplants with sheer drapes or shades, Contact Us to schedule a free in-home consultation today!

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