Choosing Window Treatments To Match Your Home’s Style

Decorating and personalizing your home décor can be fun and exciting. A well-designed room can bring joy and help your home be more inviting. Choosing the right window coverings on your own isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help.

When you’re shopping for window treatments, you have a lot of options such as custom blinds, shades, curtains, shutters and more. To make your room really inviting and comfortable, you want to choose a covering that matches the style of your room. From traditional style to luxury fabrics, the right choice will invite you to relax and enjoy your home. 

Here are a few popular home styles and matching window treatments:

Choosing Window Treatments To Match Your Home’s Style

Traditional Home Décor

A lot of homes stick with traditional décor, which seems to never go out of style. This type of décor tends to use classic wood molding, hardwood floors and comfy area rugs. There’s just something super inviting and familiar about traditional décor. If your overall style is traditional, classic roman shades or wood shutters can be a perfect fit. They both accentuate the natural architecture and decor found in traditional homes.  

For a cozier feel, some prefer curtains which are available in many fabrics and colors. Combined with the traditional décor, the added fabric can make the room feel very inviting. 

Contemporary Home Décor

If you appreciate an artistic design with a modern feel, you may have a contemporary home style. Homes with a contemporary design tend to focus on clean lines and contrasting colors – such as black and white. Contemporary home styles often make use of natural light to make the rooms more inviting. 

If your home style is contemporary, blinds, especially motorized blinds, can add efficient window coverage while enhancing the entire space.  Blinds come in a variety of material and colors so you can choose which will help your room feel more inviting and help you to enjoy the space even more. 

Transitional Home Décor 

Some homes take the best of both traditional and contemporary designs to create a unique and inviting feel for their home. If your home has an element of traditional architecture and fun and exciting contemporary details, you’ll find transitional style window coverings fit your style best. 

If your home has a mix of modern and contemporary, you’ll find shades provide a bit of clear lines like contemporary design along with the fabric that fits with traditional styles. 

Many people find neutral colored shades can be a great way to create an inviting feel while enhancing your transitional décor. 

Choosing Window Treatments To Match Your Home’s Style

Coastal Home Décor

f your dream summer would be spent in the Hamptons, coastal home décor lets you enjoy a bit of that beachy feel every day. Some families only use this style in one or two select rooms, while others enjoy the coastal theme throughout their entire home. 

Cool blues, clean whites and wood in a variety of shades tend to be prominent in this design style. Shutters create an authentic coastal feel while providing needed window coverage. You can also add a bit more texture and style by choosing bamboo shades or other wooden blinds. Whichever window coverings you choose, this style ensures your room is truly relaxing.

Choosing Window Treatments To Match Your Home’s Style

Rustic Home Décor

Whether your home is a true older home with a natural rustic appeal, or you’ve added design elements to create this cozy design style, the right window coverings can enhance this look in your home. Rustic homes tend to incorporate lots of natural elements such as brick, stone and wood. 

Wooden window coverings, such as blinds and shutters, can add to this classic rustic look. Fabric based coverings such as shades and curtains can also add a soft and inviting element to your home while still enhancing the rustic look. 

Mid-Century Modern

A nostalgic feel can make for a very inviting home. Mid-century modern design is inspired by homes from 1940s-70s. This was a time where home decorating really took off. Furniture with clean lines, soft and inviting flooring options like area rugs, and classic wooden furniture often complete this fun and inviting look. 

Curtains with fun patterns, luxury fabrics and a variety of colors can be really enhance the authentic mid-century style in your home. 

Industrial Home Décor

Whether your home is a condo in a repurposed warehouse, or you simply recreated the style in your home, this style can be fun and engaging to work with. Some prefer to stick with the industrial theme and use only blinds and shades, while others enjoy adding some softness through window coverings. Top treatments can cover hardware in a way that is very complementary to this clean style.

A motorized blind or shade can add a touch of modern and convenience if you have large, warehouse style windows. 

Whatever your home décor style, during your custom design session we can help you choose the best look for your home. Window coverings can truly make or break the style in a room. Finding the perfect window coverings can help you truly relax and enjoy your time at home with its well-matched décor.

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