Cincinnati is trending in bespoke design

Design trends come and go, like the pea green and burnt orange of the 70s. Sometimes you love them, sometimes you hate them, and sometimes there are mixed feelings all around. Yesterday’s hottest “open floor plan” design is now discussed as something people end up regretting, while others may love it.

That said, Cincinnati has really taken to a design trend that we really love and businesses have taken notice too.

Bespoke Design is the New Design Trend

‘Bespoke’ is an interesting word. Thanks to British TV shows becoming more common here in the US, more of us are familiar with its modern use, but if you aren’t, it now essentially means something unique, designed specifically for one person’s tastes, needs, space, etc. It originally meant “to speak for something” and ended up being mainly about unique tailor-made suits, but like design, language evolves and it now has taken on a much more global meaning in design, including home design.

Every Home Deserves Bespoke Design

Cincinnati is trending in bespoke design

We love this trend due to the fact that it speaks so much to what we do for every single client. While it’s perfectly fine to have style preferences and tastes, no one should feel boxed in by a set look (unless that’s what you’re going for).

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in our case, the home owner. Ultimately, your home is the place you come to every day after work, errands, or other activities to relax, or entertain family and friends. You make memories in your home, take photos, and look at the same walls day in and day out. Why would you want to design it in any way other than what makes YOU feel most comfortable, most content, and brings you the most joy?

You wouldn’t! Bespoke design as a trend essentially means people are eschewing traditional style guidelines in any form and deciding to do what makes them happiest and we’re here for it.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Home Owner

Cincinnati is trending in bespoke design

One thing we’ve always loved about our jobs is we come in, take a look at what pieces in your home you’ve already acquired that you love, how they make you feel, and what you don’t like about what you want us to change. The “how it makes you feel” is so important in homes. You can pull off a perfect mid-century modern room, but if it makes you feel like the space is cold and sterile, that’s not ideal when homes should be warm and inviting. Another person may love mid-century modern but see boho chic as cluttered and cramped, or even stressful.

We really get a feel for your dream style, whatever that may be, and that aspect of how it makes you feel is as unique to you as your fingerprint.

Local Businesses Are Embracing Bespoke Design Too

Cincinnati is trending in bespoke design

Ron Novak, a design architect and partner at Oakley’s Drawing Dept, says “the best trend is no trend.” His work on spaces like Boca, Sotto and Taft Ale House showed him that eateries understand that standing out is superior to set designs. Tailored, handmade furniture and decorative elements have pushed out the old Edison bulbs, subway tiles and visible gas piping from restaurants.

Diners prefer now to get a sneak peek at the inner workings of restaurants, preferring views to the line, or at least the expo station, as opposed to the many years of hiding all inner-workings behind solid, large doors to the back of the house. He said, in an interview with Cincinnati Magazine, that the ultimate goal his techniques accomplish are “heavy ambiance that wows as soon as you walk in the door.”

While in your home you may not want quite as much WOW factor and maybe a little more relaxation instead, the truth remains that the premise of the new trend is no trend at all, and solely going for pieces, colors, accents and textures that appeal to you, no matter what style they’d traditionally be associated with, and the more custom or unique, the better.

There’s still nothing wrong with loving a set style. For some people, having a preferred and set style makes life easier since you know already that everything is complementary and you can choose elements from a set category without any concerns. For others who may find set designs stifling, a mix of custom items with a set style may be perfection.

In any case, the ultimate goal of design is to make the people living there – or eating there – happy, comfortable, and content.

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