Shop In-Home Service

Shop In-Home Service

We custom design, fabricate and assemble all window coverings expressly for your windows exact needs. In order to provide you with an accurate pricing, our design consultant will meet with you in your home to discuss your window covering needs and provide you with pricing information.

Design Solutions

Every home project is different. Expect us to learn more about your home and your goals for your project. We will listen to your needs and provide you with both beautiful design options and solutions as well as efficient ways to make the most of your money.


During your consultation, we will provide you with solutions for your project that will allow you the opportunity to review your options and make the best decision for your home and your budget.

You’ll LOVE How We Work Together

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1. Phone call before your visit.

Your design consultant will call to get acquainted and confirm your appointment. By asking questions about your project and learning about your interests, your consultant will study your needs even before you meet! Then, your consultant will bring products you ask about, and possibly special products for personal styling with exciting ideas. We want to be fully prepared when we meet.

2. Arriving at your home.

When your consultant arrives, she or he won’t bring samples in right away. First, they will get to know you and your family’s lifestyle. Your consultant will be easy to talk to and will consider YOUR decor ideas. You’ll know right away you made a good choice to call!

3. Big picture first – other rooms in the home count, too!

Your overall plans for your home affect the choice for each window solution, regardless of the room it is in. Show us around. Tell us your long term decorating ideas. Possibly you thought of windows as only light control and privacy. BUT, the right treatment design can enhance your room. It will bring you more beauty, more affordably than virtually any home furnishings. You don’t change window treatments very often. So, we want you to have something you will love for years.

4. Your ideas – what have you seen that you like – or don’t like?

Before we show you products or suggest design treatment ideas, we will ask about what you’ve seen as you shop around. Have you visited any stores? Have you seen window products on TV or at a friend’s home that you really like? Only after we know your thinking, will we bring in products you like – and possibly a new idea to give you choices!

5. Quality, Reliability and Guarantees.

We are proud of the national brands we represent. We’re proud of the custom fit for your window. We know you will love our exclusive services and guarantees. Most of all, we’re proud of the customers we’ve pleased. Some may be in your neighborhood.

6. Your personal window solution.

Once we know the products you like and design treatment you’re thinking about, we’ll bring you an Exciting Windows! Design Portfolio with hundreds of products and styling ideas. You can browse color photos to find exactly the look you want. With your ideas in mind, and by working together, you will enjoy your beautiful room for years.

7. Comfortable Investment.

If you have a budget idea, we’ll work within it. We want you to have the most beautiful windows possible for an investment that is comfortable. If you like, we’ll suggest an estimate range for the product and treatment you’ve selected. Then we will bring in the exact samples of products, colors, and fabrics from our vast selection of thousands. Thanks to our Guaranteed affordability and Best Pricing, you will have the lowest, competitive investment for equal quality, brands, and service.

You Receive Exclusive Service Advantages backed by Exciting Windows!
  • Guaranteed Best Pricing for equivalent quality & service
  • Guaranteed 10 Year performance for lasting beauty
  • Guaranteed custom craftsmanship to highest industry standards
  • Guaranteed On time appointments for design consultants and installers
  • Extensive, continuous training for exceptional design consultants