Using Furniture As Accent Pieces

Furniture can be more than a comfortable place to sit or a place to set a lamp. Furniture can also be an accent piece that adds excitement and definition to the room.

Decorating with accent furniture doesn’t require a professional, but there are some guidelines you want to follow. It’s easy for the piece to over or underwhelm a room when it is not properly displayed.

What is an Accent Piece?

Accent furniture is any piece that stands out from the room’s color or style. The term accent means to emphasize, and this is what you want to do with the furniture.

If you have a solid color couch and a bright patterned chair, your chair is the accent piece you want to design the room around.

Accent furniture can be a modern piece or a unique find from an antique store. You can also find a statement piece at a Flea market. It’s a budget-friendly way to find a piece of furniture that will add color and drama to the space.

Where to Use Accent Furniture

Using Furniture As Accent Pieces

You can add style to any space in your home with accent furniture, you are not limited to a sitting or family room.

Set the Tone in the Entryway

The entryway is the first place visitors see. It’s where guests get their first impressions. Adding a unique floor lamp or table is one way you can add style to a small space.

Ornate chests are another option, and they are also functional. Chests are not only statement pieces, they also provide storage. Depending on the design, it can even provide seating.

Decorate with Small Tables

Using Furniture As Accent Pieces

Never underestimate a small decorative table. Whether it has inlays, paint, or other unique features, the table can bring the room together while adding flair.

Don’t focus solely on wood tables, you can find interesting metal ones with unique shapes and designs.

With small tables, you aren’t limited on where you can use them. They work great in living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, and hallways.

Use an Imposing Piece in a Large Room

The room’s dimensions determine the size of the accent piece. A large folding screen will overpower a small room but turns into an accent wall in a large space.

An antique china cabinet works beautifully in a dining room, while an armoire will set the tone in a bedroom.

Your accent furniture can also be used to hide electronic components. You can find bold and modern shelving units that hide your AV receivers and other electronics give the space a clean look. If you have light, solid color furniture, consider adding bright-colored shelving. Go for a more neutral shade if the space already has plenty of color.

It also applies to larger statement pieces like chairs. You want the piece to stand out and bring the room together, not overwhelm your senses. For example, if the room has traditional furniture, your accent piece will have a modern design.

Make a Statement with a Dining Room Table

Using Furniture As Accent Pieces

In homes that frequently entertain guests for dinner, make the dining room table the star. You have plenty of options when it comes to color, finish, design, and material. It’s also easy to find the perfect size for any space.

Don’t worry about matching the chairs to the table. You can choose complimenting or contrasting ones. Look at your space and envision what tone you want to set for your guests.

Using furniture as accent pieces is a fun way to add style to a space, along with functionality. Let your imagination run wild, there are no hard rules as long as the piece brings you joy.

Remember, an accent piece is meant to pull a room together. Don’t go overboard. If you already have plenty of color, go for a neutral piece. The most important thing is to have fun and make yourself happy.

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