Designing a Peaceful Home Atmosphere

Our homes are our sanctuaries, our places to escape hectic day-to-day grinds, and to relax with our loved ones. Interior design can evoke all sorts of emotions in us, and making sure our design elements aid us in our quest for a peaceful, relaxing and calm environment can change our lives for the better. In order to be able to recharge instead of stress in your home, take a peek at some of our tips for creating a peaceful home atmosphere.

Clear the Clutter

Peaceful atmospheres obviously will be different to everyone, but there are some general ideas that really cover almost all of us. If you step in your door after a hard day’s work and trip over something, don’t have room to put your things down, or have to move something before you can sit, that’s not going to ease you into relaxation.

This doesn’t have to be complicated, really. Make sure everything has a home, and if it doesn’t, find somewhere it can live. This may mean buying fun storage totes, reorganizing a closet, or hanging up a key rack, but making your home more organized really does have a psychological impact for the better.

If you have kids, fabric laundry hampers actually double as fantastic toy bins, and they look great too. Making sure your kids know where things belong helps them develop good skills as they grow too! That said, all homes make messes. Designating spaces FOR messes helps keep them contained, and clear up your relaxation areas. If you have a closet for everyone’s shoes, add a hook for your purse, backpacks, and so on. Some people like a home bin near the front for “quick drop.” This means when everyone comes in and drops everything after a stressful day, they at least drop it in a contained area.

Designing a Peaceful Home Atmosphere

Utilize Soothing Colors

Usually we think of blue as a soothing color, and that’s for a good reason. The sky, the sea, and even the way our brains process it helps create an atmosphere that’s easily more relaxing than a neon orange room. However if you are a fan of reds, look at more muted tons, such as terracotta. Stark white walls can also be toned down with ivory or “greige” (greyish beige) colors.

Also avoid loud, busy patterns in areas designed for relaxation.

Turn on Some Tunes

Music is something many of us love but often we kind of forget about it when we’re busy. WIth technology today, though, it’s easier than ever to walk in the door and connect your cellphone to a Bluetooth speaker or ask your Alexa to turn on your favorite playlist. Incorporating small speakers into different rooms is now easier than ever when a great Bluetooth speaker can be smaller than a coffee mug, and with so many designs, you can easily find something for every space and design.

Designing a Peaceful Home Atmosphere

Add Light

Sunlight can’t be overrated, really, when it comes to changing your mood, but there’s a little more to it than that. In areas you want to relax, consider amber-hued bulbs that help your brain switch into relax mode. In areas you need energy and concentration, such as the kitchen or office, opt for daylight bulbs or bright white. These cues to your subconscious will help you make the spaces you need to relax in even better. Don’t forget to close your draperies or pull your shades in the evening as well – your body recognizes darkness as a sign it should relax.

Also ensure your window coverings work with you. If you can’t block all bright lights from a window in your bedroom, you may actually be costing yourself some valuable sleep, especially during the summer months.

Lastly, if you have spaces that are dark, like your spice cabinet, pantry or closet, it actually can add to your stress to struggle to find things easily, so pop in a simple light (many use batteries and LEDs that last for years – no wiring required). You’ll notice how much happier you are not squinting in the dark while trying to find the paprika.

Designing a Peaceful Home Atmosphere

Look to Nature for Inspiration

The outdoors is so good for our mental health, according to many studies and of course, personal experiences. Bringing elements of it indoors has a profoundly positive effect on our psyche. Instead of sharp angled metals, look at using wood instead. Add plants where possible (even if they’re fake!), and add soft materials like wool, faux furs and decorative pillows that have muted patterns or gentle colors and textures.

Make it Smell Good

You know how realtors like houses to smell homey, so they bring in scents like fresh baked apple pie? There’s no reason you can’t use this trick in your own home. Scent is one of our senses after all, and not one to be ignored. Whether you’re an incense, scented candle, fresh flowers or plug-in smell type of person, make a point of having nice smells around your home, especially in the areas you relax in most often.

PET OWNERS: Please be careful if you have pets. Many essential oils, potpourris, and even air freshener sprays can be toxic and even deadly for your pets.

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Think About Your Favorite Things

Not the song, although there’s nothing stressful about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but about things or places in your life that make you happy. If you had a wonderful vacation to the beach that brings back fond memories, try getting prints of some photos from there. If you don’t have good ones, look for prints or even decor elements like shells or driftwood frames that remind you of that experience. Even subconscious reminders throughout your home of things that make you happy and feel at peace really do change the way you feel.

Add art and pillows around your room that make you feel good and you enjoy looking at. Exciting pieces are great for busy places like kitchens, and soothing pieces like that framed photo of the beach are perfect for where you rest.

If you have a space that needs a little help being more peaceful, get in touch with us!

Between window coverings that allow in natural light with soft fabrics, to even reupholstery and custom bedding and pillows, we can help you create a cozy, peaceful area in no time.

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