Designing your Home with your Pets in Mind

Mar 01, 2022

Are you a proud pet parent? Do you and your dog enjoy a romp around the house, or a snuggle on the couch? Does your cat love to zoom room to room, nearly crashing into your ankles? Sharing your space with your pets is comforting and fun, but is your home designed to keep both you and your furry friends happy?

The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that around 38% of Americans own dogs, while 25% own cats. That adds up to a staggering 135 MILLION  furry pets at their last census! With so many pets out there, we’d like to share some tips on how to make your home a harmonious place you both can enjoy!

tabby cat climbing drapes

Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture and Decor

We have seen the videos online: A playful kitty stares their human in the eye, lifts a delicate paw, and brazenly bats the glass or cute knit-knack off the table. An overly excited pup bats everything within tail reach onto the floor. While amusing, this can be dangerous, especially if an owner is not home to witness such activity. Unattended glassware or porcelain can break, posing a danger to any foot – or paw – to tread on it. Keeping low tables tidy and free of breakables is a best option. Make sure lit candles are always attended. Removing chairs or other climbing opportunities from next to shelves can keep carefree cats off of them, and present you with new and creative furniture placement options!

Avoiding tables that aren’t sturdy, or are face-height for your precious pooch is a great consideration as well. Animals, like their people, are prone to bonking their heads when they aren’t paying attention and may even knock the whole thing over.

great dane on an orange couch

Pick Great Materials

Most pets shed, it’s just a fact many owners accept. Just when you think Fido is perfectly brushed, you find another loose clump. You spent all day cleaning fur off every surface, only to spot a cat-sized tumbleweed of fluff rolling across your hardwood. Picking furniture that is suited to pets can be tricky. Avoid things like velvet, corduroy, or other “fuzzy” fabrics – they will attract pet hair like a magnet. Opt instead for leather or smooth synthetic upholstery. Choosing durable fabrics will also ensure many years of wear and tear by both human and pet alike. You can even go with custom upholstery to match the decor in your home, or give your furry friend a complimenting pet bed.

Picking materials to last a lifetime with your pet will go a long way toward happiness. Make sure the hard elements of your chairs and sofas are also up to the task. Choosing metal or hardwood is much better than wicker or sisal. Sisal is often used for cat scratching posts, and we’d much rather you invest in one of those than find your kitty sharpening her claws on your new couch!

orange and white cat next to a brush

Keeping your Window Treatments Safe and Clean

Beautiful window treatments pull a room together, but they can be dangerous for furry friends. Investing in cordless options is the best choice here. Not only will it be safer for your fur-babies, but any human babies will benefit. Cordless window treatments also have the benefit of looking nicer in your home. Another safety concern is letting longer draperies or accents pool on the floor. This a great fur-attracting bed, and any wrestling matches between pets on this arena can end in entanglement or pulling the whole panel down! Keep your drapes and accents from bunching on the floor and you should be good to go.

Cats just love climbing anything they can. Whether it’s your furniture, your legs (ouch), or your drapes, the only solutions here are to keep kitty’s claws clipped, or using soft caps over each claw.

Consider what we’ve said above about choosing fabrics when choosing drapes. Smoother textiles will help keep the fur away. Blinds or shutters are easier to clean, especially wood or faux-wood, and much sturdier than vinyl versions.

Lastly, your pets love to look outdoors! Your windows provide unparalleled entertainment for cats who love bird-watching, or dogs who love mailman-watching. Keeping a blind or shade partially open will give them their view without them having to climb inside slats or batting fabric around.

We hope these tips will lead to many comfortable years ahead living with your furry feline or crazy canine companion!