Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

While many of our design tips revolve around more overall changes, one of the things we love is the small decor items that can be swapped out for holidays, seasonal changes and more. Our fall decorating tips are so easy to implement and use a lot of nature, which is also great to incorporate as studies show bringing nature indoors actually boosts our mood and improves our mental health!

We hope you enjoy our tips for decorating for autumn, and we’d love to hear your favorites and your ideas as well!

Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

Finding Fall Pieces

First thing’s first – while you can purchase any design pieces you want, we’re going to be discussing gathering different elements and items to assemble into great fall decor elements. If you don’t want to make anything, then buy away, and now you’ll know what kind of things to look for!

Trees are Perfect Resources for Fall Design

Wood is a beautiful design element in any form, but more raw wood, even with bark, always looks fantastic with fall designs. After all, the source of fall-specific colors is leaves and their natural changes during this beautiful season. Wood adds natural colors along with plenty of texture from the bark and grain. Use wood, dried leaves, and even sticks in your design and you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily they help create your perfect fall decor.

Twine and burlap are also great additions because they have a naturally brown/tan color and also add plenty of texture as well. Just don’t overdo the combination of these three because too much rough texture isn’t as nice.

Add Fresh Fall Food and Flowers

Okay, don’t literally decorate with fresh food, but nuts, acorns, gourds, seed pods, pumpkins, and corn are easily some of the most fall-associated foods around, and after they’re dried, they make beautiful fall accent items. Oranges and apples work great too, but it’s okay to keep these fresh (as long as you eat them).

Mums are the ideal flower for fall, as they naturally come in almost all fall colors and bloom this time of year so they’re easily found and grown.

Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

Putting the Elements to Work

Now that you’ve selected design elements that work well with your color scheme, it’s time to put them to work!

Change Out Artwork for Fall Pieces

There’s going to be some wall art pieces that stay there no matter what, like family photos, but consider if others could be swapped out seasonally. Not only does it help keep things fresh, but sometimes it’s just nice to change things up.

Consider photos of fall trees, paintings of pumpkins and gourds, or use those items you’ve collected to create framed dried leaves, or even a collage of shadow boxes with things like mini-gourds, dried corn, and even some fall-colored candles.

Make Fall Garlands & Wreaths

Utilizing any of the elements we’ve discussed, you can easily create some beautiful garlands and wreaths. String together acorns, leaves, and mini-gourds with twine for an instant fall garland, or take some of those mums, sticks, and dried corn for an autumn wreath. Stored properly, these can last you for years to come.

Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

Put Together Fall Bowls or Candle Vases

A wooden bowl filled with acorns, fall leaves, twigs, and apples looks beautiful. A favorite addition of mine is some of those cinnamon-scented pinecones as well, though be aware that some guests may find the smell overwhelming.

If you have large candle vases or hurricane lamps, you can surround fall-colored (bonus points for fall-scented!) candles in the middle of these designs. They make amazing centerpieces or table accent items, plus they’re functional too.

Set Up Simple Displays

You always have the option as well of just utilizing all the elements you’ve gathered into standalone displays as well! Consider setting up mini tables with different sizes of pumpkins and gourds, along with other elements. You can even use corn stalks for additional height and visual interest.

Any of these items can easily be placed on shelves, accent tables, even outdoor displays on your your front steps or walkway to create wonderful fall decorations you, your family, and friends will love.

Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Home

What are your favorite fall decorating tips?

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