Easy DIY Summer Decor

Jun 25, 2020

While many of our design tips involve big changes, such as new window coverings and paint color, we love simple décor changes to liven up your home. Easy to do DIY projects can help bring your home into each season in a comfortable and inviting way. As temperatures rise and days get longer, these simple design tips can help your home feel perfect for summer.

Our summer decorating tips incorporate nature and embrace the feelings of summer. We hope you enjoy these easy to do decorating tips. We would love to hear your favorite summer decorating tips too.


Finding The Perfect Summer Pieces

Bright colors, flowers, fresh and invigorating aromas remind us of the sunny and refreshing days of summer. Incorporating a variety of materials into your summer DIY projects can help your home have a fresh look and inviting feel.


Paper bowl of summer flowers

Flowers Are Perfect For Summer

Choosing real and even faux flowers for your summer projects adds nature like appeal to your projects. Whether from your garden outside, a nursery in your neighborhood or even the craft store for faux flowers, finding any type will brighten up your space.

Flowers provide color, aroma if real, and that fresh element to your summer designs. You can incorporate greenery like other seasons but be sure to get some bright colored flowers too.


Summer seashells for DIY decor

Shells and Beach Elements

If your ideal summer vacation involves a beach, finding beach inspired items will help you feel the serenity of the beach even when you’re at home. You can use real keepsakes to remind you of previous vacations or find some beach inspired items at your local craft store. Be creative and look for shells, starfish, netting and more.


Putting The Elements Together

There are a million different ways to incorporate flowers, greenery, beach items and more. These are our favorite DIY tips because they’re easy to put together while adding warm and relaxing elements to your space.


DIY Summer floral wreath

Flower Wreath

When we think of wreaths, we tend to think of fall and winter themed designs. We actually love wreaths in the summer too because it’s a simple project that can really liven up your home. Guests are welcomed with a bright reminder that it’s summertime.

You can use a variety of base materials and then find your favorite flowers. If you love fresh and aromatic designs, go for some hearty, fresh flowers. If you want something to last all season, check your craft store for bright faux flowers that look real and inviting.


Shell and Beach Themed Wreath

If flowers aren’t your thing, you can still make use of the ease of DIY wreaths. Gather shells, starfish and even netting and put them together for a shore vacation inspired wreath. Enjoy the reminder of past beach vacations and help your guests feel instantly relaxed when they enter your space. If you need some inspiration, there are beautiful seashell wreaths you can copy (or just buy) online!


Vases With Bright Flowers or Fruit

Whether you have a luscious outdoor garden or you need to stop by the nursery, a simply vase with fresh flowers is the perfect DIY summer décor. Bringing nature indoors is a simple way to incorporate more color and warmth into your home. Many flowers also have wonderful scents to add a bit of natural aromatherapy into your home. Worried about your flowers not lasting? Many craft stores have very realistic faux flowers. Creating a few vases with these and some stones or shells can give you a vase which lasts all summer long. You can also choose a vase which isn’t see through and simply stick the flowers in for a truly simply DIY project.

Fruit is a simple decor item as well as a great snack! Think how you can utilize food to create design elements for a fun, short-term design element too.


Light window with shades and decorative summer fruit bowl

Set Up Simple Displays

If you have side tables, buffets, coffee tables, etc., a simple summer inspired display is a great way to liven up your space. Summer scented candles, fresh and faux flowers and beach inspired items can be laid out in an aesthetically pleasing way for a simple DIY project. Even the smallest display can add enough summer elements, colors and aromas to create more warmth and relaxation in any room.


Swap Out Accent Pillows & Blankets

There is a vast variety of modern, beautiful floral designs in the fabric world. Utilize your accent items as season to change up the look and feel of your room in a second. Look for fabrics with patterns, accents, or colors that match the rest of your summer decor! If you have a fabric or items you already love, we’d be happy to make you some custom pillows, bedding, or more!


Take a bit of time to think about what you associate with summer, fun and relaxation and incorporate those themes into your summer projects!