Exclusive Services & Guarantees

Certification and License

Whereas, Tina & Dale Engdahl, owners of Exciting Windows! by Apollo has served more than 15,000 residential and business customers since 1973 throughout the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State area, and:
Whereas, Exciting Windows! by Apollo has maintained an excellent customer reputation, and the owners, managers and staff have completed the Exciting Windows! required course of training,

Therefore, on this 6 th Day of February 2013 a license is hereby granted to Exciting Windows!
by Apollo to represent Exciting Windows! Services, Standards, and Guarantees

Creative Design Consultants – Each design consultant is experienced and trained on all window products – Draperies,
Blinds, Shades, Shutters, Motorization, and Creative ideas for personal styling. An office specialist may assist fulfillment.

Exceptional Customer Service – Management and staff have been extensively educated to perform Exciting Windows!
Exceptional Customer Standards. A Handbook of service standards is available for customer reference.

Unbeatable 4-Way Guarantee – Every customer is guaranteed

  1. Best pricing for equal quality and service (Written: Unbeatable 4-Way Guarantee)
  2. 10-year performance on all products we sell (cords and accessories repaired by manufacturer warranty).
  3. Products will be custom fabricated to highest industry standards.
  4. On-time performance by design consultants and installers, or you receive a Gift Certificate for $25.

Exciting Windows! Mission

The impassioned purpose of Exciting Windows! Service is to better the life of every customer with creative, personal window stylings to make their home more beautiful, more affordably than any similar investment.
No business, local or national, provides these unequalled services that customers receive from Exciting Windows! by Apollo and backed by Exciting Windows! National Office

Exciting Windows! by Apollo Customer Service: info@apollodraperies.com

Exciting Windows! National office: ContactUs@excitingwindows.com