Home Office Spaces that Actually Work

More and more employers are seeing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home.  Many people create their home office space out of any extra space they can find, whether or not they are comfortable for the long run.  Your workspace may be an extra bedroom, a corner of your living room, under a staircase, or alongside someone else’s workspace.

Whatever the case, this is your home office. If you’re working from home, whether exclusively or even just part of the time, you need a functional workspace. The benefits of working from home don’t include eye strain, back pain, or frustration.  Try including some, or all of these ideas to make your office space feel more homey, relaxing, and inspiring.

Home Office Spaces that Actually Work

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

If your job requires a lot of computer time, you know how important a good chair can be.  Choosing a chair with great back support, arm rests and good padding will keep you comfortable and productive for the long haul.  A recent study found that around half of at-home workers have back pain.  That is a sure-fire way to kill your productivity!

A great desk is also incredibly important.  You will need a surface that not only fits your computer equipment, but is also at an appropriate height to keep your posture in check.  Also consider the space needed for jotting down physical notes, and your favorite coffee mug!  If you find sitting in your comfy chair to be tough, consider a standing desk.  Standing desks are a great alternative to a traditional desk and boast several health benefits.  Many models allow you to swap between sitting and standing, so you can stretch out your back and get a change of pace.

Lighting Makes all the Difference

We’ve spoken about how light affects mood before.  Having a comfortable amount of light in your home office will help keep you alert and engaged throughout a long work day.  Natural light and warm lighting can enhance your mood and keep you productive and awake throughout the day.  Consider sheer draperies or light-filtering shades that will allow in plenty of natural lighting during the day.  Warm toned light bulbs will help counteract the blue light emitted from your computer screen and boost your mood.

Home Office Spaces that Actually Work

Add Some Decorative Plants

Houseplants, real or fake, help boost our moods.  Even a couple well-placed plants can boost productivity by up to 15%.  Plants are a cheap and attractive way to add color and interest to any home office.  When choosing live plants, look for something easy to care for.  Boston ferns, spider plants and dracaena are not only visually pleasing and easy to care for, but can help filter the air.  Taller ficus trees, Mother-in-Law tongue, or plants placed on small tables can fill a corner beautifully.  Consider false plants with colorful blooms for an attractive and nearly maintenance- free option!

Home Office Spaces that Actually Work

Color Matters

Along with warm toned light, warm tones in decor can make you feel more alert and productive.  Find some beautiful wall art, decorative throws or rugs in orange, yellows or reds. Paint your walls, if you can, a bright and beautiful color.  Adding comforting or interesting artwork will make you more comfortable and can inspire you when you’ve hit a slump.  The best part is that you get to custom-tailor your design and art choices to your tastes!  Even in normal office environments, 83% of employees consider artwork to be important to staying productive!

Keep Things Tidy and Organized

Working from home can be stressful.  Spending so much time at your desk can mean that many home items end up on your work surface.  Cups, mail, toys, and other debris can turn a productive workspace into a stressful one.  This also includes cables and other peripherals attached to your computer that are needed for work.  Ensuring that you periodically keep your desk area clear of clutter, and cleaning regularly will keep you less stressed and better focused.  Using cable ties, routing pesky cords through and behind your desk, and putting away devices when not in use will keep your workspace attractive and easier to manage.

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