How Motorized Blinds & Shades Improve Your Life

We all want our home to feel comfortable and inviting. As homeowners, we also want our home to be energy efficient, and keep our home’s value up. Motorized window coverings, especially the exclusive PowerView® Motorization from Hunter Douglas, are an excellent way to make your home inviting, energy efficient, and truly just make your life easier.

Updating your window treatments with modern technology isn’t just convenient, it also makes for more functional and comfortable living!

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Motorized Window Coverings Combine Convenience With Style 

No matter how convenient a home item is, if it doesn’t look great, most of us aren’t interested. The amazing thing about motorized window coverings is that they’re made to truly improve the overall design of your home. 

You don’t have to choose between inviting styles and convenience when you upgrade to motorized blinds or shades. In fact, removing visible pull cords and other raising/lowering elements is a big request by many of our clients. Getting that clean, cord-free look really puts the focus on the things you want seen, without having to hide anything you don’t.

Lower Your Utility Bills And Help The Environment 

As conscious consumers, many of us want our home investments to pay off. We also care about our environment and want to be sure the products we are choosing have the potential to improve our carbon footprint. 

Installing motorized blinds allows you to control them via a smart device or timer. With this feature, you can schedule your blinds to be closed when the sun is at its peak during hot weather or opened when it’s cooler to aid in warming your home. Scheduling based on temperature can reduce your heating and cooling bills by an average of $145 per year

By using natural sunlight to warm your home, and shades to block when needed to cool your home, reduces the amount of energy you use. This is a great step in reducing the impact we can have on our environment. 

Safe And Easy To Use 

While blinds have been a popular window treatment for decades, we know classic blinds can pose a hazard to small children and pets. An easy way to eliminate these risks is having cordless motorized window treatments installed. You don’t have to give up the convenience of blinds to eliminate loose cords. 

With motorized window treatments there’s no detangling or rebalancing cords. With the simple press of a button, smart phone app or even an Amazon Alexa device, you can open and close your new blinds. Reduce hazards and make enjoy these simple to use window coverings! 

How Motorized Blinds & Shades Improve Your Life

Protect and Preserve Your Home 

Hardwood floors, upholstered furniture and other home décor can suffer from UV light exposure wear and tear, not to mention premature and uneven color fading. Your skin isn’t a huge fan of UV rays either. You don’t need to keep your home dark all day to avoid this when you have motorized window coverings. As mentioned above, you can program or adjust your blinds to close during the sun’s peak and reduce the amount of UV rays coming in your home. 

As a homeowner, protecting and preserving your home is an excellent investment that continues to save costs long term. 

Added Security And Privacy 

For anyone who travels, you know one of the biggest security tips is to not let your home look like you’re on vacation. When you’re planning a trip out of town, it’s common to stop mail or have a neighbor grab it for you. You might keep exterior lights on and have someone water your plants. 

You’re unlikely to be comfortable keeping your windows uncovered while you’re away but keeping blinds fully closed for an extended period of time can also be a giveaway that no one’s home. With motorized coverings you’re able to set or even remotely control your blinds or shades to change while you’re away. This added step can aid in making sure people passing by aren’t aware you’re out of town, and allow you to close window coverings remotely that you accidently left open even while on the go.

How Motorized Blinds & Shades Improve Your Life

Peaceful Mornings 

In our busy culture, many of us need to rush out the door for work and school. Even the best-timed alarm is usually an unpleasant start to the day. With motorized window coverings, you can schedule your window coverings to slowly open letting the natural light wake you peacefully. In a busy culture, a little extra morning peace can go a long way! 

We can all benefit from waking up peacefully, including children, which makes motorized blinds and shades an excellent choice for bedrooms. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to upgrading to motorized blinds and shades, especially PowerView. With our custom design sessions, we can have the pleasure of helping you choose the right motorized window treatment for your home. 

Learn more about PowerView® Motorization and schedule a complimentary consultation with us if you want to discuss adding automation into your home life!

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