Make Your Family Space Warm & Inviting

As summer fades into fall and we near the holiday season, having a warm and inviting space can make time at home more enjoyable. Your living room and family space is often the focal point of a home. Your family space can be a place where you put your feet up after a long day. It’s a place to gather for conversation with guests.

Little design changes with each season can be a simple way to create a warm and welcoming family space. If you’re ready to make your family space warm & inviting, check out our simple design tips:

Make Your Family Space Warm & Inviting

#1: Play With Lighting In Your Family Space

Utilizing natural light, overhead lights, or more intimate lighting such as dimming or lamps, can help make your family space warm and inviting. As summer becomes fall, we have less hours of natural light making it important to plan for different lighting.

During daylight hours, especially on a restful Saturday morning, keeping your windows uncovered can create a feeling of warmth. Being able to enjoy your morning cup of coffee with natural light and warmth is a great way to start your day. Many homes enjoy the convenience of motorized blinds which can be programmed to be open during your desired daylight hours.

For evening hours, many families find dimmable overhead lights or table lamps provide intimate lighting to create a warm and inviting space. Too much harsh light after the sun has gone down can make a home feel a little less relaxing after a long day at work.

#2: Add A Scent – Use Aromatherapy In Your Family Space

Using aromatherapy in your home can be a simple way to create and inviting feeling. Some scents are used to energize, such as citrus, which is great for the morning and daytime. Other scents are used to calm such as lavender, which is helping in the evenings.

Many find the ambiance of a lit candle to create warmth while providing an inviting scent. Others prefer essential oils, incense, or other sources of scent. Whichever you prefer, adding a scent, especially a seasonal one, is a great way to make your family space warm and inviting.

(Just make sure to do a little research to understand essential oils safety and hazards if you choose that route, as some are toxic to pets or can have adverse effects if not used properly.)

Make Your Family Space Warm & Inviting

#3: Add Pillows and Throws In Your Family Space

Comfort is perhaps the most important factor in creating a warm and inviting room. If everything looks, and even smells, wonderful, but you can’t get comfortable, you lose a bit of the inviting feel.

Adding pillows and throw blankets to your seating is a simple way to add more comfort. You can even change your pillows and throws with the season if desired. Some find that to be a simple way to redecorate their space a few times a year.

Whether you get multiple sets to change out or one which simply matches your general décor, adding these comfortable items will invite your family and even guests to truly relax.

#4: Remove Clutter From Your Family Space

With many people working from home, typical mail, toys, etc., it can be challenging to declutter. While there aren’t always perfect solutions for decluttering, being intentional about trying can create a more comfortable space.

If you have the space, a mail organizer, a cabinet for toys, etc., can make a huge difference in the comfort of your living space. It’s hard to relax if you’re seeing mail, your work from home responsibilities, and toys to put away.

Taking a bit of time to reorganize and adjust the clutter is a simple way to recreate a more inviting and relaxing space.

#5: Add Photos Of Your Family, Life, and Interests To Your Family Space

Adding personal touches to your family space can be a great way to create an inviting space. Remind yourself of your favorite trip, display a favorite artist, and just add more of your own life to your living space.

Seeing a reminder of a fun family getaway is a great way to unwind and relax. Displaying your favorite artist can make for a fun conversation piece for guests. A personalized living space becomes a warm and inviting space for your family and for your guests. Share a little more about who you are and enjoy the reminders of your loved ones every time you glance at your walls.

Make Your Family Space Warm & Inviting

#6: Add Or Upgrade An Area Rug In Your Living Space

Having an area rug adds texture, often softness and sometimes a unique design to your living space. Upgrading to a new rug is a simple way to redecorate. If you don’t already have a rug, it’s a great way to create warmth in a room as soft textures play in our brains as softer rooms in general.

If you have children or pets, or guests with children, an area rug often becomes a central place for play and relaxation. In an open layout, it can be used to define space as a relaxing part of your home. On cool fall mornings you can avoid feeling cold floors as you get ready for the day. In the evening, you can relax in comfort as you wind down from time outside.

Making subtle or big changes (like new window coverings) can redefine your living space into a warm and inviting space.

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