Why Motorized Exterior Shades Will Change Your Life This Summer!

Summer is synonymous with the joy of spending time outdoors, especially on your patio or balcony, where BBQs, laughter, and good times should be the norm. However, the season also comes with scorching heat and intense sunlight, elements that can make outdoor living less comfortable than desired. Enter the solution from Exciting Windows by Apollo: Motorized exterior shades are a cutting-edge innovation designed to redefine your summer experience.

The Power of Motorized Exterior Shades for Unparalleled Convenience

In the world of home automation, motorized exterior shades bring a level of convenience that’s nothing short of transformational. Say goodbye to the struggle with heavy cords and the constant battle with manual blinds. With motorized shades, you can control the natural light filtering onto your patio or balcony with just the touch of a button.

This automated convenience is a game-changer, particularly for those with mobility issues or for anyone who wants to enjoy their outdoor space without the added chore of adjusting manual shades. No more worries about glaring sunlight or too much shade; with motorized exterior shades, the perfect lighting for your patio or balcony is always at your fingertips.

Energy Saving Motorized Exterior Shades

An Eco-friendly Solution That’s Kind to Your Wallet

Due to the increased use of fans and air conditioners during the summer, energy bills frequently soar. However, with motorized exterior shades, you have an efficient way to counteract these costs. These shades work by blocking out excessive sunlight and heat, reducing the overall temperature of your outdoor spaces and thereby minimizing your reliance on energy-consuming cooling systems.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a whopping 76% of sunlight falling on standard double-pane windows enters as heat. By significantly reducing this heat gain, motorized shades can save you up to 30% on your energy costs, enabling you to enjoy the summer without worrying about your energy bills. Plus, the reduced energy consumption is good for the environment, making motorized shades a sustainable choice.

Prioritizing Privacy and Adding a Layer of Security

Motorized exterior shades go beyond just managing sunlight and saving energy; they also enhance your privacy and security. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon on the balcony or a private dinner on the patio, you can preset timings to lower or raise the shades to shield your outdoor spaces from unwanted attention.

Even when you’re away from home, you can use your shades to simulate occupancy. This is a great deterrent for potential intruders and adds an extra layer of security to your home. You can set your shades to operate randomly throughout the day, giving the impression of a busy household even when you’re not there.

Exterior Shades Provide Security

The Ultimate Defense Against Harmful UV Rays

Exposure to the summer sun is a delight, but excessive UV radiation can cause damage. Unfiltered sunlight can harm your skin as well as cause your outdoor furniture and fixtures to fade over time. Motorized exterior shades can filter out harmful UV rays, protecting your family and extending the lifespan of your patio or balcony furniture.

More Than Functional, It’s Fashionable

Exciting Windows by Apollo firmly believes that functional solutions should also be aesthetically pleasing. With this in mind, motorized exterior shades are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, ensuring they not only serve their purpose but also enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Whether you want your shades to blend seamlessly with your existing decor or stand out as a bold style statement, you have a wide range of options to choose from. With motorized exterior shades, you can add a touch of modern elegance to your home while enjoying the practical benefits.

Integrating with Your Smart Home Systems

In our digitally connected world, home automation is the norm, and motorized exterior shades are a perfect fit for this setup. They can be integrated into most smart home systems, allowing you to control your shades using your smartphone, a remote control, or even voice commands via your favorite virtual assistant.

Just imagine lowering your shades with a simple voice command as the afternoon sun intensifies, or waking up to the gentle morning light as your shades automatically lift with the rising sun. It’s the epitome of smart living and convenience.

Smart Motorized Shades & Smart Home Systems

A Summer Living Transformation

Motorized exterior shades are much more than a simple home addition. They bring about a lifestyle transformation by improving the livability of your outdoor areas. By offering automation, energy savings, enhanced privacy, UV protection, aesthetic appeal, and seamless integration with smart home systems, they redefine how you experience and enjoy your patio or balcony.

At Exciting Windows by Apollo, we’re excited to help you embark on this transformation. We invite you to discover our range of high-quality window treatments and experience the difference they can make. This summer, enjoy a new level of comfort and style on your patio or balcony with our motorized exterior shades, and we promise you won’t want to imagine summer without them!

Take Your Window Treatments to the Next Level

At Exciting Windows! by Apollo, we believe in providing our customers with top-quality products and personalized customer service to help them create the home they’ve always dreamed of. Let’s work together to do the same for your home.

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