New Decorating Trends To Pay Attention To

Home decorating trends are constantly changing. For a while, shiplap covered interior walls and rooms were filled with matching furniture. Accent walls gave areas pops of dramatic color, but like many trends, these are on the way out. While the most important thing about any home design is doing what you want and will be happy with for years to come (or can swap out easily), trends can bring new ideas into your home that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Are you ready to update your home or just moving in? Here are some of the hot, new decorating trends you can use to make a house your home.

8 Fresh New Home Decorating Trends

New Decorating Trends To Pay Attention To

Incorporating some or all of these decorating trends will help you give your home a look you’ll love.

#1 Granny Chic is in

New Decorating Trends To Pay Attention To

Antiques, floral wallpaper, crocheted throws, and delicate tea sets are making a comeback with millennials looking to give their homes a comfy feel. You also want to look for whimsical vintage pieces to add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your home.

#2 Try removable wallpaper

Anyone that gets easily bored with their walls will want to look at removable wallpaper. It’s self-adhesive, no messy paste required, and it peels easily off when you’re ready to change the room’s look.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. You can cover all or some of the walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Use it above chair rails, in your closets, and the bathroom. Your options are almost endless.

#3 Switch to rustic ceramic backsplashes

Subway and other types of smooth glass and porcelain tiles are on the way out. An easy way to update your kitchen is to add ceramic tiling. As a backsplash, it adds texture and color giving the room a fresh, new look.

Handmade ceramic tiles are expensive, but you can save on costs. Instead of a backsplash, use a few tiles as accent pieces. You can also find machined tiles. They are priced lower, but you may lose out on some of the texture you get with handmade ones.

#4 Green cabinets are in vogue

New Decorating Trends To Pay Attention To

It may be easy to accessorize your kitchen when it has white cabinets, but the look is becoming outdated. Green is the new color to consider. You have plenty of shades to choose from, and the color works with warm and cool hues. Painting your cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen.

#5 Add an industrial touch

Industrial styles are becoming popular in interior design. Exposed duct work, neutral colors, high ceilings, and metal décor are incorporated into the space. You don’t have to knock down walls or expose your HVAC system to add an industrial touch to your home, instead, you can incorporate a few pieces into the room.

Wood and metal bookcases are one way to give the room a touch of industrial décor. You can also find industrial style lamps and other accessories. You get the look you want, without having to open up walls and ceilings.

#6 Coat drywall with plaster

Plaster walls are coming back into style after being replaced with inexpensive drywall. Replacing your walls is expensive, but you can get the texture you want by applying a thin coat of plaster to the existing ones.

#7 Add some wicker and rattan furniture

New Decorating Trends To Pay Attention To

Woven furniture, indoors and outside, is a popular decorating trend. The furniture is lightweight, stylish, and adds warmth to a room. You can add a few accent pieces or an entire set. It’s up to you and the impression you want to create in your home.

#8 Use natural fabrics

Natural fabrics are environmentally friendly and look great in any space. You also have a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns to choose from. Add an organic cotton throw to your couch. It looks great and is perfect for curling under when you’re watching movies with your projector. Other natural textiles to consider include recycled polyester and responsibly sourced linen.

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