Smart Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Winter is around the corner. Cold days mean bundling up against the chill. If your house isn’t quite keeping the heat in, you may end up snuggling under cozy blankets more than you’d like, while paying much more for energy than you’d like.

But there is hope! Check out some of these great tips to lower heating bills, and ensure you won’t be bundling up for warmth all winter.

Smart Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Do a Mini-Home Inspection

I think we all love peeking outside to watch the glorious flakes come down, however your windows may be letting a ton of heat out!

If your  panes are older, check the seals around them for tears, chips, or cracks. If you run a hand around the edges and feel a draft, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to replace the seals. Also, while modern double-paned windows have been the standard for awhile now, it may be worth ensuring that your home isn’t rocking older single-paned windows.

Doors also fall into this category of home assessment, especially if they are glass, or feature glass panels. Keeping doors closed in rooms you don’t frequent can also keep warm air in the areas you occupy most often, and save money on heating bills. If the bottom of your door is drafty, you can find “draft snakes” at many stores to keep the cold air out. Even stuffing a towel at the bottom of a door as a temporary measure can help immensely!

One thing many people overlook are radiators and vents. Make sure they aren’t covered or obstructed. Give them a good dust; Pet hair and dust can make vents and radiators less efficient or downright dangerous.  If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your furnace filter, it may also be time to address that!

Smart Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Get Creative with Heat Sources

Just stepped out of a toasty shower or bath? Open the bathroom door and let the warm air you were enjoying seep into the rest of your house. If you’ve just used your oven, cracking open the door will help heat your house and cool the oven a bit quicker.

Ceiling fans are often regarded as a Summertime staple, but they are great for Winter too! It is often a surprise to people that most fans have a rotational setting for both cooling your home, and spreading heat around a room! This feature will help speed the circulation of heat throughout a room, making it distribute through the room quickly, and reducing the time your furnace needs to be on.

If all else fails, your dog, cat, spouse, or child may enjoy the extra snuggles when everyone is feeling chilly.

Smart Ways to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

Window Treatments are for More than Looks

Having a beautiful window treatment is something any homeowner enjoys. They look great, function well, and are a conversation piece that lasts years! They can also make a huge difference in keeping that heat bill low. Thick draperies or thermal curtains look beautiful while keeping heat in. Cellular shades are also an excellent way to let in light while insulating against cold air!

We hope these tips help keep you and your family warmer this coming winter! If you’d  like to look at adding some beautiful thermal window treatments to your home, Contact Us to schedule a FREE in-home consultation today!

Take Your Window Treatments to the Next Level

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