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The Best Covering Solutions for Large Windows

Large windows are a universally beloved home feature, allowing in copious amounts of natural light and providing expansive views outdoor surroundings. However, because of their size, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right window treatments for large windows.

At Exciting Windows! by Apollo, we offer a wide selection of window coverings ranging from drapes, shades, blinds, and more. Whether you’re looking for window treatments that are highly functional, purely decorative, or a combination, our expert team can help you choose the best window coverings for the large windows in your home.

Make a Dramatic Statement With Draperies

Custom drapes are always a good solution for large or unconventionally shaped windows because the panels can be crafted in virtually any size you need. What’s more, you can choose from an impressive variety of fabrics ranging from sheer to blackout to achieve your desired level of light control and privacy. Long, flowy drapes can also create a rich, sumptuous aesthetic if you’re looking to draw attention to your large windows, while sheers can beautifully filter light and add softness to your space.

Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

When it comes to large windows and patio doors, energy efficiency is something you want to take into consideration as a large glass surface provides a sizeable portal through which heat can either penetrate your home or seep out. For this reason, cellular shades are a great solution for large windows.

Our Duette® Architella® and Applause® cellular shades are both wonderful choices as their honeycomb construction traps air near the window, providing a layer of insulation to help regulate interior temperatures.

Soften the Light and the Space with Vertical Sheers

When adding materials to such a large area, they should look beautiful and function well too. Luminette® Privacy Sheers are a wonderful option that combines the function of familiar vertical blinds with the soft beauty of sheer fabric in an array of colors that can coordinate easily with other Hunter Douglas window coverings. They rotate 180 degrees for full control of light.

When closed, these drapery-like sheers exude a soft glow of gently diffused light that eliminates glare, softens your space, and still allows privacy. An additional feature that makes these beautiful sheers a good choice is their UV protection ability! Enjoy softened light without harming your furniture, floors, artwork or even your skin.

Add Timeless Beauty with Large Window Shutters

Another attractive and timeless option is Heritance® Hardwood Shutters! Genuine hardwood never goes out of style. You can choose from a variety of louver sizes to determine how much light enters your home and how clear your view is, or open the shutters all the way for plenty of bright light. When closed, real wood shutters not only provide privacy but even a level of natural insultation.

Much like high-end cabinets and drawers, we offer the unique SoftCloseTM louvers with Quick Align™ that allows you ease of use and a consistent look across multiple shutters. We can also cover unique shapes, such as arches, circles, hexagons and more, so no matter your window shape, shutters are a wonderful option that can even raise your home’s value.

A stained glass window adorned with custom window treatments in a living room.

Invest in Effortless Operation

When you have large windows, your window treatments themselves are going to be pretty large, so no matter what kind of window treatments you choose, you’ll want to make sure they’re not cumbersome to operate. Virtually all of the window treatments we offer can be motorized to ensure effortless operation. With PowerView® automation, you can integrate your new blinds, shades, or other window treatments into your smart home system so that all it takes is the push of a button or a voice command to open and close them.

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