Specialty Shaped Windows

Oct 24, 2017

John G. – Covedale, OH

John came to us with the need to cover his specialty shaped oval window located in first floor powder room. John and his wife, Nicole, were unsure on the type of treatment opinions they had for this window because of its unique shape.

Exciting Windows! by Apollo’s Solutions:

Tina met with John and Nicole to discuss their window treatment options for this non-standard window shape. A circular or oval window can be treated with a cellular shade, a soft shade or a shutter. A cellular shade or soft shade of this style will be inoperable, but can be made with fabrics to match other shades in your home. The shutter will be fixed to the window and does not swing open.

Based on John and Nicole’s needs, they made the decision to cover the window with a Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade to compliment the shades they wanted in that area of their home.

Point of View:

The reason why we liked Apollo so much was the family-owned and oriented nature of the company. Tina walked us through the steps patiently and returned to the house several times to make sure we had all our questions answered and concerns addressed. Her “eye” for style and design was instrumental in making the end product as fantastic as it turned out to be. It was a personal touch that many other companies cannot offer. We highly recommend Apollo and will certainly be using them again in the future.