Why you Want Faux Wood in your Kitchen Windows

Aug 31, 2021

There’s no feeling quite like cooking a great dinner, or baking cookies in your kitchen, then looking around and marveling at the mess you have created. You’ve got grease on your countertops, flour all over the floor, and somehow there is tomato sauce on your window blinds. Cleaning up a post-meal disaster from your blinds can be daunting, and made worse if the surfaces are not easy to cleanse. Fortunately an attractive and durable solution can be found in the world of faux wood!

Composite Wood Blinds & Shutters are Ideal in Kitchens

wood blinds in kitchen

Composite – or “fake” – wood has come a long way since the days of cheap flooring and plywood desks that smell like glue. Most quality products nowadays boast benefits over real wood products. Gone are the days of stripping, waxing, polishing, and babying real wood fixtures. Our friends at Hunter Douglas provide a line of beautiful composite wood blinds that any homeowner would be proud to install in a kitchen. Wood alternative blinds are incredibly long-lasting and easy to clean, making them a fantastic and attractive investment in kitchen applications. Wood texture, even man-made, help make us feel calm and may even lower blood pressure. Natural textures, plants, and wood finishes evoke a sense of being surrounded in the outdoors.

They Hold up to Environmental Stresses

wood shutters in kitchen

Wood composite blinds are a wonderful choice for over-sink applications. They are resistant to moisture and will not bow or mildew. A day of summer baking is also no worry as these blinds will not warp in heat. Adding to these benefits, wood alternative blinds are often rated to not release any chemicals into the air. EverWood® blinds from Hunter Douglas are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certified and are rated safe even in school environments.

They are a Beautiful Compliment to your Kitchen

wood blinds in kitchen

There is nothing quite like the texture and beauty that wood brings to any room. Matching wood accents around your kitchen is a great way to turn your cooking space into an area you’ll be proud to entertain in. Many wood alternative blinds can be installed in a multitude of colors, textures and finishes to match whatever aesthetic you are going for. Wanting a classic kitschy vibe? Larger slats with a valance over the top will provide that classic kitchen appeal! Matching, or complimenting wood (or composite wood) floors is an added bonus!

Want to upgrade your kitchen with durable, beautiful, and easy to clean blinds? Give us a call or schedule a free in-home consultation today!