Window Shutters Aren’t just for Outdoors

Jun 27, 2019

When you think about window shutters, do you typically think about exterior wood slats? Many people do, so you’re not alone! However, interior shutters are an amazing way to add timeless sophistication to any space. They’re also much more versatile than most people think.

Read on to see why we love interior shutters in home design and know you will too!

Shutters can easily be customized for privacy and light

Completely open, shutters allow in plenty of natural light and can be adjusted at different angles with ease. Direct sunlight towards the ceiling for bright, natural ambient lighting! This also helps you alter privacy levels with very minimal effort.

Shutters don’t have to cover the entire interior of a window either! Covering half a window, often called “cafe-style” shutters since they are incredibly popular in French cafes, is a really common way to provide privacy and light simultaneously, and they also provide a classy and clean style that looks beautiful both from inside the home and outside.

Interior shutters fit more than just square windows

Many people think that because shutters are solid slats that they really only work well in square spaces, but that’s not true at all! Not only do they come in multiple materials, but they can fit circular windows, arches, angled and even Palladium windows.

Shutters also can be framed or unframed, and the louver (the “slats”) can vary significantly in size as well. This means shutters are actually incredibly customization for a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Larger louvers (“wider slats”) give more of a view from the window and allow more light in, while smaller louvers provide more privacy, similarly to blinds. Adjusting the size of the louvers changes the style more than you might think as well – smaller louvers often can create a traditional Plantation look with ease, whereas larger ones can look modern or even playful in a child’s room (with the added benefit of being child-safe!).

Interior Shutters look great on doors & layered with other treatments

Let’s give shutters another hurrah for versatility! We love the combination of shutters with valances and other fabric treatments. The contrast of the materials adds beautiful texture, interest, and allows for even more customized design than many other options. They’re a great alternative to the typical style of inner sheers for letting in light.

They also look wonderful (and are incredibly functional) on doors. While fabric coverings on doors are also a great choice, shutters stay put when the door is opened and closed in a way nothing else can and again, provide that great balance of privacy and light, while looking beautiful both outside and in.

Want to see what shutters could look like in your home?

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